Unreal Estate House

Living is a human right! Here is my plan how to live without paying a rent, without getting into dept and without becoming a boring person.
Say hello to the Unreal Estate House - A Do It Yourself-House based on car trailers. 

Text: Van Bo Le-Mentzel
Photos: Benjamin Heck
Prototype built by Wolfgang Ramisch and the crowd.
Watch the crowdfunding campaign here www.startnext.de/unreal-estate-house
The Unreal Estate House has everything you need: A living room with a big window, a kitchen, a bathroom and a sleeping room on the roof. It is perfect for one or two persons and comes along with only 6 sqm of space. Because of the fact, that this house never touches the streetground, you never have to pay a rent. The plans are free of charge. This is a poltical initiative by Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel (Hartz IV Moebel, One-Sqm-House).

"Besser durchgeplant wie die Bordküche eines Jumbojets" 
("Better planned than the cabin kitchen of a jumbojet")
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 7. August 2013

"Eine gesellschaftsverändernde Kraft"
("A game changer")
taz, 27. September 2013

"Bescheidenheitsarchitektur in Bestform."
("Modest architecture at it's best")
Kultur-Spiegel, April 2014

See the house in Berlin (Markthalle NEUN) at the Citizen Art Days Festival from 27. September till 6. October 2013.

The prototype was built by Wolfgang Ramisch in Munich in front of the Pinakothek Der Moderne. (Photo: Benjamin Heck)
The interior wall is a space wonder. You can use it as a spacious kitchen with a sink and 2 m desk. Gas stove, water tanks for cooking (and douching) is integrated. Hidden secrets: a mobile chemical camping toilet and the douche sink are integrated under the desk.
The Unreal Estate House has no door. To come in use the folding glas wall. You can fully open the facade and use it as a stage for announcments; for exampling for the basic income grant movement (Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen) or as a pop up store or mobile office.

Get ready for a new sleeping experience. On the roof a panorama window makes you feel like sleeping in the sky. Of course you can close the shed roof by adding a blend (not on this photo) to make sure you won't get wet when it rains. The ladder (design: Felix Plötz and Lisa Feigen) is consctructed in a way that you can use it as a shelf to display books, goods, posters, drinks whatever. Get creative!

This is how we did it

For more Benjamin Heck pictures click here!

1. Prototype!
Build a Mini model to understand the folding mechanism. (This one was built by Wolfgang Ramisch)

2. Locate!

Look for the best 2x2m space and choose the perfect point of view. We decided to put the prototype on a parking area between two trees and between the Pinakothek and the Brandhorst Museum.
3. Cutting edges!

 Cut the frame. Wolfgang "Man of Steel" Ramisch insisted to build the prototype with a steelframe. But I am pretty sure you can also use wood timbers. Thanks to Stefan Schwägerl (Woodparts) for providing us tools and his workshop.

4. Make serious pics! 

Drill the steel to a cubic frame and make serious photography for your documentation. 

5. Make Walls!

Organize Wall panels (we took Siebdruckplatten 12 mm and 18 mm thick). It turned out, that 18 mm was way to heavy and too thick. 12mm is really okay.

6. Say Cheese!

Make a group photo from time to time to increase the karma on site.
(Here you see Wolfgang Ramisch sitting, behind him Benjamin Heck and Laura Sanchèz. Johannes Kaiser standing on the right frame)

7. Put walls into frames!

Slide the wall panels into the frames. Well, Don't do the same mistake that we made: We had a 12mm wide frame and a 12 mm thick panel. It's better to have 1 or 2 mm left. Next time we will make a 14 mm frame or completely don't use frames.

8. Drill and get naked! 

Drill time. We recommend to use a Standbohrer and to keep girls and kids away while working on site undressed.

9. Brand your house! 

Brand your house with a nice typeface on the back and enjoy the view at night. Good night!

Find out where the house is located today and apply now for the keys to spend a weekend in the Unreal Estate House: www.titanpad.com/unreal-kalender