The smallest house in the world.
For those, who believe, that the world get's better if we build more, buy less.
Invented 2012 by Le-Mentzel, Berlin.

Watch the official spot 
Made by Johannes Franke:

You want it? Build it! 
Plans are free. Change the size and make it yours.
You need: 
• 20 meters of wooden timbers (3.4 cm x 3.4 cm) for 250 Euro (300 Dollars)
• Wall Coverings (Sperrholz)
• 200 Screws
• 4 wheels
• 1 acryl-glass window
• 1 door
• 1 day of your lifetime to build it

• Screwdriver
• (Japanese) Saw
No Workshop required.

Watch the CNN Announcement
Published on 27. July 2012:

Watch Emal Ghamsharick and his House Tour on Spiegel Online 
Published on 10. July 2012:

Watch the birth of One-Sqm-House at the Guggenheim Lab in Berlin on Canal+ (french TV)
Published in April 2013: (Thank you Amy McKinney for sharing this movie)

Watch the very first One-Sqm-Houses made for offices on (Russian News) 
Published im May 2013:

Official Press Pictures 
by Daniela Kleint (Take it and use it, but respect the credits):
High Res Download: here